I am Schizophrenic Deaf Artist based in DC, finishing works of DC, and Gallaudet sources. ASL/DEAF-related art is here also.

DC Schizophrenic Deaf Artist


Here are nothing, but beautiful original artwork you will find.  Made with mostly ballpoint pen, watercolor pencil, and pencil on hard index paper, bristol paper, or regular copy paper.  They are pasted/enameled and framed.  I also offer a limited edition number of print copies of each original artwork.

I am so enthused to work with You!

You will find iconic images of both DC and Gallaudet scenes.  There are also snippets here that subtly identifies both DC and/or Gallaudet. There are also Deaf-related and American Sign Language (ASL) subject artwork.  All done by myself—A resident of DC, after being grown in the Metropolitan area of DMV.

Know You are welcome!

I'm so grateful to share my artwork with you!  Thank You for your move to  explore, and know You are welcome to sort through my artwork anytime, any day.  Please feel free to contact me, and You will ALWAYS get a quick response—GUARANTEED!

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Most of the current artwork is currently in black ballpoint ink. The printing quality of a copy might not match each and every detail of the original drawing. The original drawing yellows with age, a current photo image will be provided if required before purchase.

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I love discussing my progress, ideas, and your interest in my art.  All feedback will be hearkened and taken in serious consideration.  All of my Customers deserve only the best!

20017, District of Columbia, United States

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Monday - Friday:  9 AM - 10 PM

Sunday & Saturday:  Closed

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